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E-Z set

Ideal for Publishers

In response to a client’s request for a display that would eliminate cumbersome, multi-piece, confusing displays, Abington developed and patented E-Z set, a simple-to-assemble, one-piece display.

Avoid additional charges from wholesalers!

E-Z set fits in wholesalers totes!

E-Z set available in:

  • 2 pocket
  • 3 pocket
  • 4 pocket

Perfect... a NEAR PACK; small enough to ship display in same box with your book or magazine

...for regional Publications, Special Issues and Major Promotions

  • Printed one color with "Special" imprint
  • Attach your label or customized risers upon request

U.S PATENT NO-6394290

E-Z set Sample set up

Folded down:
9.5" W x 20.25" L x 2" H; rubber banded with instruction sheet

E-Z set sets up in seconds!

48" H x 9 .5" W x10" D Each shelf is 5" deep.

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